We enjoyed keeping busy the past few months with Summer Food and CACFP reviews. We are humbled and impressed with our State Agency partners who continue to do great things to address child hunger. Although, we are welcoming a little downtime as we unwind from the summer, we look forward to the “Fall Admin Review Season.”

We are excited to start off the season working with the State of Michigan, Department of Education. We were recently awarded a contract to provide Procurement Review services. They wisely organized their SFA’s into various categories depending on procurement “risk”, which allowed us to bid different rates depending on needs. It brought back memories as this is exactly how we did it with our clients when I worked at an international accounting firm right out of college.

It looks like our downtime will only be a couple of days as the contract with Michigan starts immediately, with most deliverables due by December 31. Our team of Procurement Review experts get started this Wednesday. This is the fastest we have gone from bid notification, to contracting, to starting work. They are a very organized State Agency!  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity and look forward to working with everyone at the State of Michigan, Department of Education.

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