Review tips are great, but even better if they save you time! Preparing for your reviews and the reviews themselves can be very time consuming. Here are some tips that will help you save time.

  • Notify the sponsors about their reviews 9-10 weeks ahead of time.
  • Schedule 2-3 reviews in a single week, in the same area, to reduce travel and stopping/starting inefficiencies.
  • Ask yourself, “What can be done prior to the onsite review?”  Complete what you can ahead of time such as:  the menu review, Resource Management review, Local Wellness Policy review, Civil Rights training review, etc.
  • Pre-populate information into the review tool, i.e. names, dates, addresses, etc.
  •  Thoroughly search the school’s website to see such things as the Local Wellness Policy, LWP assessment, Civil Rights Statement, Menus, Board Policies, public release statement, etc.
  • Review the previous review for potential repeat findings, change in nutrition staff, etc.

You can always count on CN Resource to provide useful tips for your reviews. Check back often to find more ways to Make Your State Agency Life Easier™

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