Each year, CN Resource (CNR) completes hundreds of NSLP/SBP Administrative Reviews for State Agencies across the country. We are enabled with a highly qualified and diverse staff that includes dietitians and nutritionists, CPAs, and auditors. Together, they bring experience in menu compliance and USDA regulations, as well as resource management, procurement and the on-site aspects of the review. CNR works hand-in-hand with State Agencies to complete the reviews according to their specific state’s expectations. As part of the review process, we provide expert guidance and technical assistance to each sponsor so they may be brought into full compliance as quickly as possible.

While a standard component of our Administrative Reviews, a Resource Management Review may also be conducted as a stand-alone service. In this scenario, CN Resource (CNR) works as an extension of the State Agency’s Administrative Review staff.  At their direction, using their process and resources, our in-house CPAs and child nutrition specialists bring the necessary financial training and dietary expertise to the review process. CNR has performed resource management reviews for several states and the full spectrum of SFAs - large, small, urban, rural, self-prep, vended, and FSMC-operated. In many cases, our resource management team has been asked by the State Agency to develop tools that can be used to streamline their own future reviews.

CN Resource (CNR) is highly experienced in conducting detailed CACFP reviews for our State Agency partners across the country. We have developed streamlined procedures to enable our reviewers to complete the rigorous process with accuracy and in a timely manner. CNR provides technical assistance every step of the way to help sponsors improve their programs and to assure compliance with all state and USDA requirements.

During the summer of 2019, CN Resource (CNR) completed 1800+ SFSP site visits and 110+ SFSP sponsor reviews for several State Agencies. CNR is equipped to administer large scale unannounced site visits, as well as scheduled sponsor reviews, and to ensure reviews are managed according to the State Agency’s preferences. CNR’s specialists work directly with sponsors to prepare them for the sponsor portion of the review and provide valuable guidance to summer staff while on-site.

CN Resource (CNR) has a dedicated team that works directly with our State Agency partners to complete Procurement Reviews. We provide the expertise necessary to ensure sponsors are following the regulations prescribed by their state for procurement solicitation documentation, specifications, evaluation criteria, and contract terms. CNR representatives stay on top of current thresholds for micro, small, and formal purchases and are equipped to provide technical guidance on such issues throughout the review process.