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Imagine having a group of friends take a detailed look at your National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program ahead of your Administrative Review? They point out all the areas where you are doing well, and then they identify areas where things need to be corrected before the State Agency begins their review, helping you avoid any fiscal action or other consequences. These friends also provide you with resources, training, and technical assistance so you do not have to fix things on your own. This is how CN Resource’s Pre-Audit service works. We review your program, the exact same way the State Agency will, in a low-stress environment, with the goal of helping you become deficiency-free.

Each year, CN Resource conducts hundreds of actual Administrative Reviews across the country on behalf of numerous State Agencies. During your Pre-Audit, we will apply the same stringent USDA regulations that State Agencies use, as well as, official forms, guidance and documentation. Let us use our expertise to help you sleep well at night. We have several options to fit your needs. In fact, we can tailor our services to look at specific areas, such as a Procurement Review, if that is what you need.

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Sign up for Option 3 or 4 with a neighboring district and each of you will get $250 off the price. Sign up for Option 3 or 4 with a 3rd district and all three of you will receive $500 off the price.


We guarantee that if you follow our suggestions and guidance during the Pre-Audit, you will not have any findings during your official Administrative Review. If somehow you do have a finding in an area we reviewed, we will write the corrective action for you and cover any fiscal action up to $1000.

Option 1: USDA Worksheets

CN Resource will complete USDA certification worksheets for one menu week. These are the same worksheets your State Agency will use during your actual Administrative Review. Option 1 includes one breakfast worksheet and up to two lunch worksheets. Additional worksheets and/or menu weeks may be added for an additional charge. This option will verify if the menus are in compliance with SBP and NSLP meal pattern requirements. A detailed report is included, identifying areas that are out of compliance and providing helpful suggestions to correct deficiencies

Option 2: Nutrient Analysis

A full nutrient analysis will be completed using USDA-approved software for one menu week. This option looks at the “big picture” and will include an analysis of the meal pattern components, as well as the individual nutrients within the menu. Included in the analysis are the USDA-specified nutrient requirements for calories, sodium, saturated fat, and trans fat. Upon your request, we will also include other nutrients, such as carbohydrates, which is helpful for students managing diabetes or counting carbohydrates. Option 2 includes one breakfast and up to two lunch grade group analyses. Additional menu weeks and/or grade group analyses may be added for an additional charge. The completed nutrient analysis will determine if the menus are in compliance with the SBP and NSLP meal pattern and dietary specification requirements.  A detailed report is included, identifying any areas that are out of compliance, along with helpful suggestions to meet all requirements.

Option 3: Full Desk Review

This option provides evaluation and feedback on nearly every area within your Child Nutrition Programs. CN Resource will begin by presenting a streamlined approach for gathering the information and documents necessary to complete a thorough compliance review. We evaluate all student eligibility documents (applications, direct certification, etc.) for accuracy to ensure that students are properly indicated on the POS documents. This service alone will save you from costly findings during an Administrative Review!

In addition, we will review edit checks, claim information, and verification to ensure 100% compliance. As part of Option 3, the USDA Dietary Specifications Assessment Tool will be completed. If your menu scores “low risk” we will complete the USDA menu certification worksheets as described in Option 1. This will determine if your menus meet all meal component requirements. If your menu scores “high risk,” a full nutrient analysis will be performed, as described in Option 2, ensuring your menus are within calorie, sodium, saturated fat and trans fat limits. Technical assistance is provided throughout the process. We also review civil rights documents, professional standard records, wellness policy and assessment documents, Smart Snack compliance, and your food safety plan. In addition, our CPA-led resource management team will evaluate the financial aspects of your program, including paid lunch equity, non-program food revenue, direct and indirect costs, and the non-profit school food service account.

CN Resource will then prepare a comprehensive operations report, identifying areas of success, areas in need of improvement, and areas that are out of compliance, along with prescribed tools, resources and solutions.

Option 4: On-Site Visit

Option 4 is the most comprehensive Pre-Audit service offered by CN Resource and closely simulates an actual Administrative Review.  It includes all services in Option 3, plus an on-site visit to observe your district’s Child Nutrition Programs in action. We will monitor breakfast and lunch meal service to ensure the POS is accurate and that reimbursable meals are served, counted, and claimed correctly. In addition, a thorough kitchen assessment will be conducted to include: areas of food safety, meal preparation, recipe implementation, and daily production record maintenance. Any supplemental programs such as Afterschool Snack Program and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program may also be observed, and documentation evaluated. This all-inclusive review will help bring every area into compliance and create stronger Child Nutrition Programs within your school district.

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