Nutrition Programs Simplified is our tagline. Be honest, are you thinking to yourself, CNR is nuts, there is NOTHING simple about child nutrition programs? Rest assured, we completely agree that the USDA programs, focused on feeding children, are complicated and involved! When the new meal pattern and Administrative Review were introduced, we, like you, felt overwhelmed. It was such a change from the old CRE/SMI review. However, you know the age-old question, “How do you eat an elephant”? The answer is simple; one bite at time.
We started with a team of “elephant” experts that examined the beast from all angles. These experts included former state agency employees, retired food service directors, dietitians with menu expertise, and CPAs. The old ways of doing CRE/SMI reviews were tossed out and we began to brainstorm ways to simplify the review. During that first year of Administrative Reviews, our team realized there was a vast difference in interpretation of the questions. As we completed hundreds of reviews, we worked with our state agency partners, who in turn worked with the USDA, to gain insight and understanding of the expectations.
With that clear understanding in mind, we broke the review down into three main areas; menu compliance, Resource Management and on-site reviews. We then developed guidance in each area for each question throughout the entire review process. This method resulted in accurate and consistent reviews across the board from CNR reviewers. CNR took the “elephant” of a review and broke it down in such a way to make it “palatable” or simplified!
What “elephant” are you facing? Our CNR team has completed hundreds of NSLP, SBP, ASSP, FFVP, CACFP and SFSP reviews. We have developed policies and procedures, conducted trainings, and provided telephone support for the PrimeroEdge nutrient analysis and student eligibility program, etc. Whatever your “elephant”, we can help! Contact us today!
Debbie Hawkins, RD, SNS
President, CN Resource

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