WE HAVE BEEN BUSY. Here is the latest news from CN Resource.
Michigan Procurement Reviews
July 1, 2019

Last year was CN Resource’s first year to work with the Michigan Department of Education to complete 45 procurement reviews. We are thrilled to announce the renewal of our contract with them for th...

Florida Summer Food
February 18, 2019 (updated July 9, 2019)

CN Resource is honored to be contracted with the Florida State Agency to complete summer food site and follow-up visits for over 1800 sites around Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami.  We have a ...

District of Columbia NSLP & CACFP, and Procurement
January 31, 2019

CN Resource has worked with the District of Columbia, Office of the State Superintendent of Education, for over a decade, and we are pleased to announce the award and signing of a new contract for 20...