Menu Review Services

Have you ever wondered how your menu stacks up against the latest federal and state regulations? Let us prepare an audit of your menu using the same rules and requirements we use when conducting Administrative Reviews on behalf of state agencies.

Pre-Audit Services

During your Pre-Audit, we will apply the same stringent USDA regulations that State Agencies use, as well as, official forms, guidance and documentation.

What We Provide

CN Resource specializes in helping State Agencies complete their assigned requirements that come from being in charge of USDA/FNS child nutrition programs within their state boundaries. At last count, CN Resource has provided USDA/FNS review, support, and training services in 24 different states encompassing at least 30 different state agencies. This help comes in the form of reviews, trainings, menu analysis, live and online support, as well as any number of special projects.

We are proud to say that we have a perfect record of completing contracts on time and within budget. We recently sat down and created a list of reasons State Agencies have contracted with CN Resource. Do any of these sound familiar?

State hiring freeze

Employee(s) on extended medical leave

New USDA/FNS Requirement(s) to complete in a short period of time (think procurement reviews)

One-time-only project (think 1st year of menu certifications)

A high volume of work to complete in a short period of time (think summer food site visits or NSLP/CACFP application approvals)

Allow state employees to focus on higher priority areas (think expanded program access)

Help getting caught up with a backlog of reviews (think going from every five years to every three years)

Employees not willing or able to work in a particular geographic area

Help with corrective action because of an ME

New state legislation requiring additional requirements

Employee vacancy being filled but taking awhile

CN resource also provides NSLP support services to numerous school districts across the country including menu writing and audit services as well as financial evaluations of their programs.

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