CN Resource is a group of talented child nutritionists, dedicated to helping State agencies and individual districts around the United States in maximizing their Federal Child Nutrition programs.

WHAT do we do?

We help State agencies achieve tremendous success in meeting their goals and those of the USDA. We also work with individual districts with their menus and nutrient analyses.

HOW can we help?

Our involvement in programs across the country range from small to large and we continue to grow with our clients needs. We are that extra support you need to help your staff understand and prepare for the many requirements of the Federal programs.

WHY partner with us?

Being experts in the field, CN Resource can provide all the support a State agency needs for its School Food Authorities, from technical assistance to small group trainings, and from certifications to administrative reviews. We are also the perfect asset to individual districts, ensuring your beautifully created menus are not only well received by your kids, but meet all requirements. Our group of extremely knowledgeable and organized staff is the missing piece to any organization, big or small, and will work with very specific to extremely broad goals and guidelines.


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